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Saturday, 1 October 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: Switching Lanes!

Happy Independence day Nigeria! 
Let's continue to pray for a greater nation 
and that the labours of our heroes past shall never ever be in vain.
I wish us all a happy celebration and a beautiful long weekend ahead.

Stella opened her eyes and felt it force itself shut. Duncan had beaten her yesterday till she’d passed out. She had skipped lunch and dinner and just as she had taken a step towards the mirror to look at herself, she’d cringed in shock. She sat up on the bed and looked at the empty space beside her and sighed, if Duncan kept up with his beatings, she’ll be dead before the end of year. She groped about for her new phone, the one Duncan had given her and finally found it. It was her dream phone, something she’d always wanted back then but now, she couldn’t feel the thrill anymore. She opened the phone and stared at the contact list, all she saw was Duncan’s phone number and nothing else. She didn’t have the phone numbers of her friends and family memorized except her mom’s so she punched in the numbers and made a call. Her mother instantly answered.

“Mummy, it’s me Stella.”

“Stella...are you alright?” Her mother asked worriedly. “I’ve been calling your number for days now and it’s been switched off.”

Friday, 30 September 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: Tears & Regrets!

“What?” Cherry called out as she hurried after Diamond. “Wait! Diamond! Wait!”

“What’s happening babe?” Sean asked cutting in as he quickly intercepted her.

“I’m trying to catch up with my’s urgent...” Cherry said as her eyes stayed on her sister who was already in the sitting room and heading out to the exit door of the house.

“Hey...let her be...we’re just a few steps away from becoming Mr and Mrs. After today,  all we have left is our traditional wedding and church wedding, aren’t you thrilled?” He asked with a smile as he drew her close to him.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

BLACK MAIL: Godly Heritage!

Benita paced the room of her house, this had gotten out of hand she thought. First, he had not come to visit her when he was supposed to and next, he’d not even called her to apologise. What in the world was wrong with the gods she served? She thought. Weren’t they all powerful? Didn’t they do wonderful and marvellous things? What suddenly happened to them? She asked herself. She had performed all the rituals she knew, she had called Gregory’s name, binding him to her but to no avail, it was as though she’d met with a brick wall. She looked at the phone she’d tossed to the corner, Gregory’s number was switched off and she knew it was all thanks to that stupid little girl who’d moved into their house. She walked over to pick her phone, she dialled the number of the silly housekeeper that she’d planted in Gregory’s house as a spy. The lady picked.

“Listen to me and listen good, if that silly girl or her aunt doesn’t die tonight, consider yourself jobless!” She spat.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Adventures Of Abosede- Daddy's Girl!

I was up early the next morning as I had work at the school. Jimoh had a special greeting for me especially after I’d served him rice at school the day before without taking a dime from him. He was excited with my work at the school because it meant more free meals for him.

“ dey come school today?” He asked excitedly.

“Na dia I dey work na...” I said with a smile.

“I happy say you dey work for my school....” He said with a wider smile.

“Na me happy pass...” I said with a larger smile.


Today is the 28th day in September which marks the fourth year anniversary of this blog. I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has followed me on this journey from the beginning, those who started half way and those who have just started following this blog. God bless you.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL- Ep 25!

Nathan watched Vicky pack her stuff into the large suitcases on the bed. He had returned from the police station three hours ago and two hours later, Vicky was pounding at his door and when he opened it, she wordlessly walked into the house, got into the room and began picking up her stuff.

“Vicky...please don’t do this...” Nathan said with emotion.

Vicky didn’t respond, she kept throwing her things into her suitcase.

“I promise...I wouldn’t have done this if she hadn’t seduced me but she did and I admit that I was weak for a moment but I soon realized myself. I wanted to tell you the truth but I was too scared to try.”

Vicky still didn’t respond.

TEENAGE SERIES: Spilling The Beans!

Mira was still giggling over what she had seen in Rachel’s supposed mansion and Winnie was already getting tired of it. They arrived at Winnie’s house and the two girls walked into the compound.

“I can’t believe that Rachel is a big liar!” Mira said as they walked into the house.

“Stop it...c’mon...she must have had her reasons for lying.” Winnie defended.

“I don’t know about you but a girl who can lie about her life is not worthy of being a friend.” Mira said.

“That’s not true...” Winnie said.

They got into the house and saw the maid rearranging the sitting room.

Monday, 26 September 2016


Hey Dears,

How's the weekend? Hope great! I should've ended the Husband Series today but I'm moving it till tomorrow. Please bear with me.

TEENAGE SERIES: Lies, Theft & More!

“Are you serious?” Winnie asked with eyes wide as she stared at the picture of Daniel in the camera.

“Yes...he’s the guy who’s oppressing me at home.” Mira said.

“Are you sure about that? This guy said his dad is in prison.” Winnie said as she was sure her friend was mistaken.

Mira shook her head stubbornly.

“He’s the one and his name is Daniel.” Mira said.

“I think that’s what Steve called him...yes....he called him Daniel.” Winnie said trying to remember. “This is serious can’t believe this!”

Sunday, 25 September 2016

BLACK MAIL: Frustrating The Devil!

By the time Gregory realized that Benita was waiting for him outside his house, he had already retired for the night. He quickly jumped off his bed and rushed outside to see if she was still waiting beside his gate but she was long gone. He closed his eyes in disappointment. He knew he needed to call her and make up some excuses as to the reason he’d not come out to meet her, so as soon as he got back to his room, he picked up his phone. He was surprised to see it switched off.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: A Day To Remember!

Mitch’s family were settling down for a nice lunch prepared by Angel when Mitch’s mother’s phone rang.

“Who is it now ehn?” Mitch’s mother grumbled as she reached out to pick up her phone from the dining table.

She picked the call and greeted.


Friday, 23 September 2016


David sat at the waiting room of the hospital and was instantly reminded of the long wait he’d endured a year ago when his wife had his daughter. Life was so sweet back then and he was happier, now, he was a sadder version of himself he thought. He was still waiting when his phone rang and Chima’s number displayed on the phone screen.

“Hello, she okay?” A concerned Chima asked.      

“It took you so long to call, man.” David said quickly.

“I’m sorry...I was changing hotels.”

“You mean you’re not in the hotel where we spent the night?”

WIFE MATERIAL: The Heart Break Manual!

Cherry stood there staring at Mitch as though he’d just fallen from the sky.

“Cherry! You’re getting married?” Mitch asked incredulously.

Cherry wanted desperately to deny it but she was standing before her family members and Sean’s family members so she couldn’t find the appropriate words to say.

Sean stood up and looked at Mitch in confusion, he regarded Cherry.

“Darling, what’s going on?” He asked.

“I...I...” Cherry started then fell to the ground in a faint.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL- Ep 23!

David was at the hospital, he had rushed to Chima’s house but he had been told that a neighbour had helped Jo to the hospital. He stood at the waiting room waiting to hear from the doctor and he wondered what was going to happen to Chima. He scratched his head tiredly and brought out his phone to dial Nathan’s number.

“Hello...” He said into the receiver.

“David, thank God you called....” Nathan’s voice came through.

BLACK MAIL: A Failed Mission!

Benita raged about her room like a roaring lion, she couldn’t believe that her man was keeping her in the dark about his life. Who was that little girl anyway and who said she couldn’t kill her with the snap of her fingers? She wondered. From her findings, she knew that Sophia was the one stopping Gregory from being hers.

She hadn’t concentrated all day at work today, Gregory had not called her in two days and it was weird, very weird.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL: Ep 22!

“’re really funny Chima...hahahahaha...” David laughed.

Chima’s sour look convinced him otherwise, David’s mouth hung open and he stared at Chima in disbelief.


“It was a honest mistake...” Chima said and burst into tears.

“What are you talking about?”

“She came to help my wife babysit my kids for the duration of her delivery and I recognised her because she was the neighbour of my mistress. She threatened to blackmail me and tell my wife the truth of my affair with her neighbour and I asked...I asked what she wanted and she said she wanted a phone and a laptop. David I swear I bought her the and the phone only to return to give it to her and she refused to leave my house...I was filled with rage....with rage...and I pushed her...I shoved her to the ground...and she hit her head on the center table and...I called her name...I called her...I promise I did but she didn’t respond...she ....she....she...was dead....” Chima cried.

“Are you serious?” David asked incredulously.

The Adventures Of Abosede- Snagging Gabriel!

“You?” Gabriel echoed as he stared at me.

I turned around in a twirl and gave him one of my best smiles.

“E nor possibu?” I asked fully confident of myself and of the fact that I was an extremely good catch.

“Abosede...I mean...” Gabriel started then burst into sudden laughter.

“Why you dey laugh me na?”

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL- Ep 21!

Nathan had sat outside his gate for one whole hour after his wife left the house last night in the taxi. He had pleaded, begged, cajoled, cried to no avail, Vicky had left him and he knew it’ll take a miracle to bring her back. As soon as he was up on his feet, he’d stormed into his house and saw Peace setting dinner on the table.

TEENAGE SERIES: Learning The Ropes!

Winnie turned to wave goodbye to her dad who had just dropped her off at the gate to the school. Her dad was dope! Not only had he given her the money she had asked for, he had offered to drive her all the way to her summer lesson school hence saving her the stress of taking the bus.
She was about walking into the school when she saw a familiar car stop at the school gate. Mira alighted looking very pale and tired.
“Mira, it’s so good to see you.” Winnie said excitedly.

Monday, 19 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL: Ep 20!

Vicky stared at her husband and felt the pain of betrayal stab through her heart, she closed her eyes and wished the moment away, praying that it was a dream and she’ll wake up to realise that it wasn’t true.
“Let me explain...I didn’t...” Nathan started.
“Shut up you moron! You’re a pig! A dog! A good for nothing miserable man! Why did I ever believe that you could be faithful to me? You couldn’t even wait to get her pregnant ....” She cried.
“That’s not true! That’s not possible Vicky...listen to me...please listen...”

TEENAGE SERIES: Personality Traits!

Winnie slipped into her room just in time as her mother’s knock came minutes later.

“This is a different Winnie! She never locks her door! What’s happening?” She said aloud. “Winnie! Open this door now!”

Winnie quickly pulled off her shoes, hurriedly undressed and quickly wore her pyjamas.

“Winnie! Open this door! Winnie!” Her mother continued to scream as she banged her door hard.
Her father soon joined her mother at the door and she could hear their conversation.

“What is wrong Kate? Why are you banging her door like that?”

“She’s my daughter and I demand that she opens the door.” Her mother spat.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

BLACK MAIL: The Hand Of God!

Benita was angry, it was already seven thirty and there were no signs of Gregory, she fumed under her breath as she paced her sitting room.

“Where is this man? What is all this ehn?” She wondered aloud.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: The Pain Behind The Smile!

Stella couldn’t recognise herself from her reflection at the mirror, her face was bruised with red marks, there were blue black under her eyes and her lower lip was split and bleeding. She touched her face in horror and cried, she hadn’t expected Duncan to hit her and she had been shocked when he did. He had beaten her non-stop for over ten minutes and she had wailed uncontrollably.

“Duncan...why? Why?” She cried as she touched her face as though wanting to believe that it was all a dream.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Once Broken...Now FREE!

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I don’t know how to write this and I don’t know where to start and even though I’m hardly ever one to share, I just know I had to share this...for you.

I remember when my mom said to us ‘we’re going to auntie Uche’s house’. I can recall that we always had mixed feelings, the first was that of excitement that we were leaving the house for a while and the second was that of fear, ‘oh, that auntie with the deep voice who speaks like a man...hahaha’ yes  you were sweet but the deep timbre of your voice made us startle. But we went anyway because like the life of any young child in the city, we spent most of our time indoors- it was always from school to home and then, the next day, off to school again.

I remember when my mom dropped us off at your place on Saturdays when she had to go to the market and one time your little niece came to spend the holiday with you and showed us that she could mix chalk with garri- we didn’t drink it though but I imagined the taste, I knew it must taste awful.

Your mai-guard at the gate with his small kiosk never ran out of ‘Oyakaka and Okin biscuits’ and you made sure to buy some for us when we paid you a visit. We always asked mommy, ‘why doesn’t auntie Uche have little kids of her own like hers for us to play with’  and my mom would tell us ‘that’s because she’s still waiting on God.’

Every time we fell on our knees to pray, we always asked God to give you children of your own because we wanted to play with them before we were all grown up. Yes, you fell pregnant once but you had an ectopic pregnancy with twins and you lost the children and whenever you spoke of the little fetuses you lost, we saw tears in your eyes.

You spoke of your husband’s infidelity with so much pain; how he kept another woman outside your home and she had kids for him. I remember you telling my mother with tears in your eyes that you knew the woman and that you’ve see her from time to time praying at the church and you wondered what she could be praying about as she was slowly ruining your home.

Months flew past and so did years and even though you moved far away with your family, you still kept in touch. You hadn’t gotten your big miracle of having children but you always asked of our welfare.

I think of you with so much memories auntie, you were such a huge part of my childhood and even now I can see myself skipping the short distance to your house holding my mother’s hand. I am sorry that I couldn’t make it to your daughter’s birthday, a little girl you adopted so many years later and with whom you felt so happy and complete to have her by your side. I heard the party was grand and that you both looked beautiful. I knew that even though your marriage was in shambles, you stayed for so long because you felt that love would triumph. 

He was your first love and to you, your only love, despite it all.

I heard of your untimely death today; colon cancer, they said. I heard that your husband didn’t pay a dime for your hospital bills- a man who’s so wealthy and whose properties grace these lands and beyond. I heard that your little kids; a girl and a boy, kept crying to his hardened ears ‘Daddy, mommy is ill’, when you fell ill in March 2016. I heard that he totally abandoned you till your siblings came in to take you away from his home and care for you.

I know that life might have seemed so unfair to you but that you’re resting in God’s bosom. Oh! My heart is so heavy as I type this and I can’t imagine how devastated your beautiful kids feel over the death of their mother who showered them with so much love. I wish life could have been a little more fair to you, I wish that maybe you would have left your husband at the beginning when you realised that the man you married didn’t care. I many things but if wishes could bring you back, I'll wish some more. 

May your beautiful soul find eternal rest. You are greatly missed and will always be remembered.

Till we reach a distant shore,
May you find peace of mind,
May He give you grace to endure...
Till we meet again....
Rest in Peace dearest auntie Uche.

We love you but God loves you most.

10 Yards Of Husband Material: Ep 19!

“You are what?” Vicky said in complete shock.
“Yes...I get belle.” Peace said giving her stomach a soft tap.
“I can’t believe...this...” Vicky said shakily.
“Believe am.” Peace started.
Vicky took a step backward but suddenly couldn’t feel the ground underneath her feet, she collapsed.

WIFE MATERIAL- The Introduction!

Anita had planned a getaway for the both of them at a beautiful private beach but Madu wasn’t excited. He loved the food, the wine and the atmosphere but he wasn’t really happy. This was the perfect scenario for his wife and daughter but here he was, spending it with Anita.
“You don’t look too happy...aren’t you happy?” She asked him.
They were seated on the sand and staring at the beach waves, the sun was mild and the breeze was so cool.
“I am...” He lied.
“No you aren’t....have you forgotten that I know you so well? C’mon darling, tell me what’s on your mind.” She pressed.
“Let’s go home, my daughter is alone.”
“Oh, leave all that...she has someone at home to care for her...there are maids and a nanny that I hired specially for her.”

Thursday, 15 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL: Ep 18!

Vicky stared at the time, it was seven minutes to nine pm and Nathan wasn’t home yet. She had called their pastor and he’d assured her that Nathan might have gone out to think but she wasn’t convinced, she was bothered, very bothered.

“Madam...” Peace called out to her.

Vicky looked up to see Peace, she smiles a little as she accepts the cup of tea that Peace had brought her.

“Thank you.” She said in gratitude.

“Oga never come?” Peace asked, taking a seat on the couch.

Vicky was quite surprised that Peace would sit on the sofa as she never did that before, at least not before her eyes.

BLACK MAIL: The Home Wrecker!

"Is she dead yet?” Benita’s voice spat venom through the phone.

“Dead ma? Who’s dead?” The voice asked.

“Don’t be stupid! I placed you in that house to be my eye and not to play dumb. Is Lillian dead yet or not?” Benita asked.

“No ma...she’s still alive.” The voice replied.

“How? supposed to be long gone! What’s happening?”

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

10 Yards Of HUSBAND MATERIAL- Ep 17!

Chima’s mistress was being harassed by the police, the phone number she’d given them was out of reach.

“I don’t know where he is?” She started in tears. “Why are you people harassing me? Instead of investigating to see what killed Princess, you’re out for innocent people! What has Chima got to do with this? The only thing that Royalty said was that he had been in my compound yesterday and that’s all. He’s my man and he called me earlier to confirm if I was at home or not, I’m sure he came by yesterday evening to see if I was back from the wedding yet.” She said.

“Give us your full name madam.” A police officer said to her.

She was at the police station, including Princess’s parents who were writing statements.

The Adventures Of Abosede- Marriage!

I sat there staring at Gabriel as though an angel had fallen from above then quietly, I smiled revealing my thirty set of teeth- two had fallen off some time ago due to the fights I’d gotten myself involved in.

“How are you Abosede? It’s been long.” Gabriel asked.

“I dey economy wan kee pesin but body full ground.” I replied.

He smiled at me.

“Abosede, can’t you maybe...speak good English?” He asked.

“Me? Speak good English? Wetin you mean?”

“I’m wondering if you’ve ever made a complete good sentence in your life. Please don’t take it the wrong way but right from the time I knew you, you’ve never bothered to speak good English.”

“Wetin do pidgin? Na our country get de language ni....or you nor know?” I defended. “If we nor speak our pidgin, na so all dis dem African countries go dey claim say na dem get am.”
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