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Saturday, 28 May 2016

WIFE MATERIAL- Paying The Price!

Nkiru screamed in rage, she hurried to the bed and pounced on the two of them. Sam was completely caught unawares, he thought Nkiru was still at work.

“You whore! You bloody whore!” She lunged at Victoria who scampered off the bed and ran out of the room.

Nkiru tried chasing her out but she was too fast for her as she escaped the room. She turned back to Sam who looked at her, pleading with his eyes.

BackLinks Of Story Series For THRILLERS!

Hey Dears,

Just as I promised here are the backlinks of the Thrillers episodes for our new readers. First stop is Silence, then Runaway Bride and Finally Single & Desperately Searching.

Friday, 27 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA- Ep 9!

Ego watched as Bello ate his food slowly, his mother, Tina, had hurried off to the kitchen in a bid to get him something sweet to eat.

“B honey, have this....” Tina said as she handed her son some ice cream.

“No...I’m not hungry...I told you...” Bello said silently.


Morayo tried to smile as her mother sent her encouraging words over the phone. She was in Canada with her father and had been there for the past one year. She had been her support when Lolu had died.

“Don’t worry mom, I’m being strong...” Morayo smiled as she spoke through the receiver.

“If he wants a divorce, give him....there’s really no need, fighting a lost battle. I really loved Gbade as a son and I even called him to see if I could talk to him but one disrespectful girl answered the call.” Her mother said disappointedly.

Happy Children' Day

From me and everyone around me, we're wishing our little ones a happy Children's day. I am still a child (at least to my parents and most of my family members) so, I'll wish myself a happy Children's day as
So, for blog visitors who have kids, what are your plans for them today? Please don't sleep ooo...take your kids out, and let them have fun. I remember that my typical children's day as a child was spent mostly at home, eating peppermints and drinking ribena because I loved peppermints so much and ribena was the only drink my parents would allow us have as kids.

To all the children whose parents read this blog,
I wish you a very happy celebration and I pray that you always bring joy to your parents.


Thursday, 26 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA- Ep 8!

Layode watched her husband throw tantrums around the house, he broke chairs, scattered the center table and kicked the standing fan. All for what? The fact that she had presented before him, a well-cooked and rich meal.

“You have started again abi? You have started dating these big boys! Don’t deny it because I see the way they look at you when you whine your waist around the streets.” Stephen threw at her.

BLACK MAIL: The Juju Man & The Witch!

Nnayelugo was on his way home from the Isi Ewu joint when he felt some objects move around his body, he began to move about in discomfort. Soon it was as though the objects were in his brain and he screamed as he ran home calling out his mother’s name.

He arrived at the house and ran into the sitting room where his father lay, his mother, Evangeline, pastor Emmanuel, and the ministers were there seated in the sitting room when he came in.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA- Ep 7!

Zino was lucky, she was contacted the very next day after posting about seven ‘hot’ pictures on Instagram. She shrieked in joy! She had been able to borrow some money from Evie with a firm promise to pay her back as soon as she got the money.

“Hello...” Someone sent her a DM on Instagram.

The Adventures Of Abosede- Auntie Nanny!

You should have seen the look on my face as soon as I arrived my brother’s place to find the house empty and the doors, locked. 


“Na me dem wan lock for outside house?” I raved.

In less than two minutes, a taxi cab pulled up at the front of the house and my brother and his wife alighted with the baby. ‘Can you imagine that? They took taxi cabs while I jumped buses and even got insulted in the process!’ I thought to myself.

“Sister Abosede! Welcome...” My brother’s wife smiled at me in greeting.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA- Ep 6!

Chief Shedrach Sese was a shrewd businessman, he was so successful in his business prospects and was an envy to many other businessmen.

He was seated in his monstrous office that had a view facing the ocean, he picked up his phone and stared at the message he had just sent. God knew that Ego needed to get rid of the pregnancy but then again, was it possible? He asked himself. He thought he had rid her of all chances of ever conceiving and here she was, telling him that she was expecting his child.

TEENAGE SERIES- Mother In Name Alone!

James needed to clear his head, he also needed to make a quick phone call to Emeka to tell him to delete the videos he had sent to him from his phone. He stepped outside his house and headed out into the streets, bringing out his phone from his trouser pocket, he quickly made a phone call.

“Hey what’s up?” Emeka greeted.

“Emeka, do you still have the video I sent you of Kendra?”

Monday, 23 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA- Ep 5!

Layode held on to her bag in the market while she priced the tomatoes which had all of a sudden turned to gold in Nigeria.

“How much for that one?” She asked pointing at five small tomatoes in a bowl.

“Five hundred naira...” The seller said.

“What? For five? Is it negotiable?”

“I even try...go mama Baby shade, you go see say I try...” The seller said and turned away, calling out to other buyers.

TEENAGE SERIES- Lies & More Lies!

“Errm....” James stammered.

“James?” His mother called again this time walking towards the door

 “Is this the boy who's responsible?” Kendra’s father asked his daughter.

“Yes he is....” Kendra said in a shaky voice as she pointed at James.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

BLACK MAIL- Let The Battle Begin!

Stephanie wondered what was wrong with Auntie Maggie, she could hear the sound of her footsteps in her room as she hadn’t stepped out this morning. Elohor was the only one going in and out of her mother’s room.  Stephanie looked up to see Elohor go in again and this time she had a bundle of grass in her hands.

“Elohor, what’s going on?” Stephanie asked.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Back-links Of Story-Series For WIFE MATERIAL!

Hey Dears,

Just as I promised, I am collating the back stories of all our series for the new readers who have just joined us.
I'll start with Wife Material because it's on popular demand. The next back stories would be of the Thrillers which includes; Silence, The Runway Bride, Single & Desperately Searching.

WIFE MATERIAL(S4)- The Other Woman!

Nkiru’s parents stared at  their daughter in complete confusion. What was going on? They kept asking themselves.

“If you ask me ehn, dis thing resemble jazz ooo...nor be small.” Kene, Nkiru’s brother said as he stared at his elder sister.

“Which one is jazz? Who hates her enough to jazz her like this?” Nkiru’s mother wailed. “My daughter, talk to me ....please....what is happening?”

Friday, 20 May 2016

BabyMamaDRAMA(BMD)- Ep 4!

Zino was determined .She looked at the empty pots on her kitchen counter and sighed. She refused to let poverty daunt her so she quickly made a phone call.

“Hello Evie...” She said into the receiver.

Evie was her long time friend and confidante, she was based in Enugu and worked for an Energy company.

“What’s up? I haven’t heard from you in a while, how are you doing?”

WIFE MATERIAL(S4)- Getting To Know You!

Morayo was just out from the gym when Ebube called.

“What’s up?” Ebube greeted.

“I’m okay, just leaving the gym, you?”

“I’m at home, preparing to attend my friend’s brother’s birthday party.”

“Oh...that’s cool...”

Thursday, 19 May 2016


“Good for nothing man! Piece of shit!” Layode shouted as she banged her fist on the door frame.

“Go to hell! Miserable woman! Idiot!” Stephen shouted back.

“Come and carry them ooo...come and carry your children with you since you can’t pay common school fees!” Layode lashed out.

“I will take my child and yes, I child. The only child I have is Sarah and that’s all!”

Black Mail: Praying For The Devil!

Thelma watched Obiageli sleep, she had caused quite a scare last night as everyone thought she was going to die. She had just finished her Morning Prayer session and was quite excited that pastor Emmanuel had said something about rescuing her husband in order to pray for him. She shook her head at life and thought of how she had taken certain things for granted- from Obinna’s laughter, to his jibes and even his annoying side-life had a way of robbing you of the most important things and making you realize how important they are when they are gone. Chi walked up to her with a small smile on her face.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

BabyMamaDrama(BMD)-Ep 2!

Nwakaego was popularly known as Nwaka or Ego, but she preferred Ego because it symbolized her most important thing in life with was ‘money’. If she was asked to rewrite her name, it would have sounded like this ‘Egokanwa’ which totally contradicts ‘Nwakaego’ which means ‘a child is greater than money or wealth’. However, Egokanwa means the direct opposite ‘Wealth is greater than a child’. To her, having money means everything and she has been quite lucky to have found herself in the midst of it. Call it luck, fame or divine favour but she was dating one of the top men in the country, she flew in private jets, wore the most expensive clothes, rode the best cars and lived in comfort, all these things she displayed on Instagram and Facebook for the world to see and she loved to see comments like this on her page,‘I tap into your blessings!’

The Adventures Of Abosede!- One Chance!

I had packed my bags and was ready to go. I was so angry that my brother had requested that I help out his wife with the baby, knowing well that I am older than the girl. ‘I am only doing this because of mummy’, I told myself over and over again.

“Abosede!” My father called out.

“Sir...” I answered.

My father was outside, playing draft with some of the men on the street.  I walked out of the room I shared with Jimoh and went to see him.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

BabyMamaDrama- Ep1!

Zino looked at the food in her plate and hissed, the food vendor hadn’t even bothered adding meat to it.

“Aunty...” She called out.

The food vendor gave her a hostile look. “Wetin?” She asked.

“You nor add meat?”

TEENAGE SERIES- Sex & It's Consequences!

Clara was visibly shaken, she sat at the waiting room of her dad’s clinic and waited there while her dad rushed into the examination room with her step-mother. Zika and Emerald sat beside her, it had been an emotional reunion since the last time they had seen themselves had been late last year.

“We’ve missed you so much much. It sucks to have Kendra as the only elder sister.” Emerald said.

Monday, 16 May 2016

No Posts Today?

Hey dears,

I know you're disappointed that there are no posts today. I sincerely apologize and will post tomorrow.
Aside from having a very busy weekend- I was out very early and came home very late- my kid sister fell ill and I've been at the hospital all day. I have just returned and with the kind of headache I'm having, I won't be able to post today. I am going to write and put up for tomorrow instead...please bear with me.

Enough about me? How's your day going? Eku new fuel price ooo....
No matter how difficult Nigeria gets, things will never be difficult for us in Jesus name Amen.

Have a splendid week ahead.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

BLACK MAIL(S3)- Burnt!

Stephanie wrestled with her mother, but despite her mother’s fragile state, she wasn’t strong enough.

“You must go for counselling or deliverance! Your attitude to life is not normal and you need help.”

“Help? Hahaha! I don’t need any help! You need help mummy and not me!” Stephanie screamed as her eyes flashed in anger at her mother.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

WIFE MATERIAL(S4)- The Evil Way!

Nkiru was very restless, just that morning before she left for work, her mother had called her phone.

“Hello mommy...” Nkiru greeted.

“How are you?”

“I’m well ma...”

“Don’t you think it’s time you came home?” Her mother asked.

“Why? What’s wrong with my staying with my sister and her family?”

Friday, 13 May 2016


Simisola stared at the white ceilings of the hospital, she felt so bad. Her body ached and she felt so empty. She had used her child for selfish reasons and now, karma was dealing heavily with her.

“I am so sorry Simi...” Funmilayo said, holding on to her hand.

“I didn’t even get to see him...” Simisola cried.

“He was still born and the doctor asked if I wanted him to dispose of the baby’s body or bring him to us but I told him to dispose of it. The baby was beautiful, I saw him with my own eyes...he looked so much like Jimoh...” Funmi said.


Kolade knelt on one of the pews closest to the exit door of the church and closed his eyes, he felt a heavy grief wash over him and he said some words in his heart. His head was still bowed when he heard small sniffs coming from the front of the church. He opened his eyes and looked up, then saw her. Her head was bowed too, a lace scarf adorned her head and she was bent in prayers. He closed his eyes again and continued to pray but her consistent sniffs created some sort of rhythm in his head and he found his thoughts straying to the woman whose sniffs disturbed the quietness of the church.

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Tonia was planning for her engagement party, she was trying so hard to take her mind off the atrocious deed she had done. Congratulations were pouring in from friends and she was basking in it all. She was a bit worried, she had been calling Kentura for the past three days but her phone was switched off, ‘maybe she’s lying low for a while’ she thought.

She was just about to turn off the bathroom tap when she heard the knock.

“Coming!” She called out.
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