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Wednesday, 24 August 2016


“Honey!” Nathan called out.

Peace stood up from the ground and walked up to stand at the door, she looked a pitiful sight.

“What is it?” Vicky asked as she walked up to meet her husband at the door.

She saw Peace standing at the door and asked.

“What is wrong? What are you doing here?”

“My madam” Peace said, wiping her tears with the back of her palm.

The Adventures Of Abosede- School Runs!

I got dressed in my jeans trousers and white T-shirt and noticed to my dismay that I was losing some weight as the jeans trouser which used to hug my bottom, was loose.

“Which kain thing be dis na?” I say to myself as I make a mental note to quickly chop up.

I left my house and walked the short distance to Jimoh’s school which wasn’t far from out house. I reached the gate and saw an elderly gate man at the gate

“Good morning sir.” I greeted.

“Good morning.” He answered staring at me interestedly.

“I dey find work and my broda tell me say, work dey for inside school.”

“Work? Which type of work?” He asked in confusion.

“Kitchen work.” I replied.

“We nor get kitchen for dis school.” He said.

“Na...errrm...mama put work.” I say quickly.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Nathan was tired, he had had a busy day at work and he wanted a long rest. He sighed as he turned off the engine of his car and the music from Sinach which was playing in his car stereo. He opened the door and stepped out, making sure that he picked up his laptop from the back of his car.

“Hey honey...” A female voice greeted and he smiled.

It was Vicky, his wife of one year, she smiled at him as she walked over to him and hugged him tight.


Kate worked on her client’s face but her mind was far away, as she did the face beat, her face creased and it was as though she was fighting a hard battle.

“Kate...are you okay?” Her client asked.

“Oh...yes...I am. Is there anything the matter?” Kate asked.

“No...I was just wondering why you have that murderous look on your face.” Her client said.

“No...I’m fine...” Kate smiled.

“Ehen, how’s your daughter? I used to see her a lot in the shop but I haven’t seen her of recent.” Her client said.

“Oh! You mean Winnie? She’s away on holiday.” Kate said.

Monday, 22 August 2016


Winnie and her friends stared at the young guy who had called out her name and their hearts skipped beats. Mira’s jaw-dropped -the guy wasn’t any random guy, he looked so cool and so fly. Rachel couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at Winnie’s new friend and suddenly realised that her pretty figure had never snagged her such a cute dude before. Even the guy she was crushing over at school, didn’t come close to Winnie’s friend.

“Hey!” Winnie waved, breaking the silence.

New Daily Series: What's Your Pick?

My face while waiting for your entries.

Hey Guys,

How was your weekend? I had actually started writing the daily series, thinking that one of the numbers had the highest vote only to find that there's a tie.
So, since we can't have two series at the same time from the daily series option, I'd like to throw these options to you guys again.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

BLACK MAIL: The Child Of God!

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Right from the day Sophia opened her eyes to the world, she knew she was sent for a purpose. And as she lay on the hospital bed looking at the white ceiling and at the drip that poured into her bloodstream, she knew she wasn’t ready to die yet, it wasn’t her time. She heard the voices in the hospital room but kept her eyes closed.

“How is she? Is she going to get better?” A female voice asked.

“Let’s hope.” The doctor said. “We can only do our best but this problem of hers began long before now....”

Saturday, 20 August 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: Playing With Fire!

Stella watched the driver stop at the entrance to her house, Duncan was seated beside her and it some minutes past eleven pm.

“I can’t really believe that a beautiful lady as yourself comes out of this place.” Duncan said in a snobbish tone.

Stella didn’t respond, her mind was far away.

“Stella!” Duncan called.

“Oh yes...did you call me?” Stella asked.

“Yes I was actually talking to you, where is your mind?”

“I’m sorry, I have a lot of things in my head right now but don’t worry, I’m fine.” She flashed a smile at him.

“I don’t want you to ever worry your sweet head okay, ever!” Duncan said. “Whatever you want, just know that you can count on me.”

“Thanks Duncan, I have to go in now.”

“Not without giving me a kiss first...” Duncan said touching his lips with his index finger.

Friday, 19 August 2016

WIFE MATERIAL: Lies & More Lies!

“What are you talking...talking about?” Cherry stuttered.

“What am I talking about? The whole world knows you’re engaged to this man!” Mitch shouted, shoving his phone in her face.

Cherry was speechless, the lady at the front desk pretended to be busy on a phone call but her eyes and ears were recording Mitch and Cherry’s conversation.

“Can we talk about this some other time?” Cherry asked.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


The walls of the church crumbled to the ground, people were in shock at the happenings and soon, the appropriate rescue bodies were called.

Promise was dragged out from the rubble two hours after the collapse, in the pool of her blood, she was unconscious as she was placed into the ambulance and driven away. Sir Gideon was brought out as well but he didn’t have a chance, he’d died long before the rescuers got to him.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Adventures Of Abosede- Aunty Trouble!

I yawn and open my eyes, only to startle as my mother stood before me.

“Mummy!” I exclaim in shock.

“Madam, shebi you know say time dey go ni?” My mother warned.

“Good morning ma.” I greeted.

“Wetin be time?” My mother asked.

I looked at the clock, it was ten thirty am.

“Na ten thirty ma.” I said.

A New Daily Series!

Hey Guys,

How have you been? It seems like ages since the season two for Baby Mama Drama ended and I'm glad you loved it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Rachel woke up and walked out of her room to the sitting room of her house. Everywhere was quiet, her mother was seated flipping through some papers and her brother was lying on the chair, staring at his phone.

“Good morning mom.” Rachel greeted.

“Hey angel, how did you sleep?” Her mother asked.

“Terrible!” Rachel said and sat down beside her mother.

“I am looking through some stuff. There’s no money in this house, I am broke and your dad can only be released on bail, which is a lot of money.” Her mother said in worry.
Rachel shrugged.

“This is a tough time for this family, with your dad locked up, I don’t know how we’re going to pay your school fees for next term or even the house rent which expires this month. I don’t want to go crazy.” Her mother said, staring at her.

“I understand mom...but where is the money dad’s brother sent? I thought he sent dad a lot of money.” Rachel asked.

“What do you think? Your father has squandered the whole thing....” Her mother said with a bitter sigh.


“What else do you think he’s been using to buy woo those girls he dates.” Her mother said in spite.

“Do you really think that daddy was dating under-aged girls?” Rachel asked.

“You and I know your dad loves women so much...” Her mother said.

“Are we going to visit daddy in prison?” Her brother asked.

“Yea...I’m going there this morning and you guys can come if you want to.” Their mother said.

“No, I’ll pass...I have lesson to attend.”

“It’s six am and your lesson doesn’t start till nine.” Her brother said.

“I don’t want to go!” Rachel spat.

“Why? Are you ashamed of daddy all of a sudden?” Her brother said with hurt.

“Who won’t be? I guess you don’t understand because you’re still pretty young but if you are my age, you’ll know it’s a thing of shame. How can I walk into the police station and have everyone look at me as the daughter of the man who...”

“You always think about yourself Rachel.” Her brother flung at her.

“I don’t care what you say, you can go but I’m not going!”

“You’re a terrible person and I’m going to tell daddy when I see him.”

“Go without battery.” Rachel flung.

“Stop it guys, Rachel, you can stay home if you want...” Her mother said.

“This is all your fault mom, you let Rachel make her own decisions and she’s not even old enough to do so!” Her brother said with a teary voice as he got up from the sofa and stormed off towards their room.

“Your brother has a point, you should go and see your dad.” Her mother said.

“Can’t you see mom? It’s not as though he’s been locked up for the wrong reasons, he actually dated a young girl and that’s something to be ashamed of. I can’t go there and stroke his ego or cry over the injustice of the police locking him up. He did something bad and I’m sorry but I can’t go and see him.” Rachel said as she got up from the sofa and left the sitting room.


Winnie almost jogged to the supermarket because she didn’t want to be late for her summer lesson. She had hardly reached the supermarket when she missed a step and fell to the ground, beside a gutter.

“Hey are you okay?” A male voice asked almost immediately.

“I’m fine...” She said wincing in pain as she didn’t bother looking to see the face behind the voice.

“Here, let me help you...” He said helping her up to her feet.

She had actually bruised her knee and it hurt. She turned to look at the person who was helping her up and froze. He was the most handsome young man she’d ever seen.

“Hi...” She said, despite herself.

“Your knee is bruised. Come with me, lemme get a bottle of methylated spirit from the supermarket and clean up the wound.” He said.

He helped her to the supermarket and she hopped on one foot as she followed him behind. They got into the place, he bought the bottle of spirit and some cotton wool and soon had cleaned up her bruises.

“Thank you...” Winnie said with a small smile as she stood up from the small stool she’d been sitting on.

“ should rest a bit.” He said.

“No, it doesn’t hurt as much. I’m supposed to get a bottle of oil from the supermarket so that my sister can get my breakfast ready.” She said.

The guy looked at her and smiled.

“My name is Steve...” He said.

“I’m Winnie, thank you for helping me, I am so indebted to you.” She said, wondering where her sudden courage came from.

“Sit here, I’ll go help you get the oil you want.” He said.

She handed him the money for the oil and soon, he’d purchased it for her. She reached out to take the bottle but he refused.

“I’ll walk you home...don’t worry, I’ll hold the bottle.”

“That’s too nice of you, please I don’t want to take any of your time...I am sure you had somewhere you were going to before you saw me.” She said.

“I was actually jogging.” He said gesturing to his sporty wear.

“Oh...I see...” She said with a small smile.

Steve stared at Winnie and realised that she was totally different from what Theodora made her seem, she had made it look like the young girl was a drab fellow and he wasn’t going to have fun wooing her but Winnie was totally different from her sister’s description. She was very stunning and had a pleasant air around her, she was also very well behaved- a point her sister had noted to him.

“So, there’s really no problem escorting you home.” He said.

“Okay...thank you.” Winnie said politely.

Winnie couldn’t explain how she felt, it was as though butterflies and frogs were leaping in her belly. She couldn’t erase the stupid smile she had on her lips either, what was happening? She thought was so drab and ugly and she never drew anyone’s attention but here she was, with this handsome guy who really looked like he liked her. Could it be her outfit? She thought as she stared at the short pyjamas she wore, no, it wasn’t she chided herself.

They walked silently to the gate of her sister’s house and she took the bag with the oil from him.

“Thank you so much, for your help...” She said.

“Anytime...” He said.

“I’ll be going in now.” She said.

“Do you have a phone? Can I have your number?” He asked. "Just to check up on you."

Winnie had never given a total stranger her number before but she made an exception.

“’s 081...” She said and called out the number while he stored it in his phone.

“I’ll give you a call. Do take care of yourself.” He said with a smile.

“Thank you...” Winnie said and waved.


Mira sat in the sitting room of her house waiting for the driver to come and take her to Summer school. Monica and her son walked into the sitting room, dressed and ready to go out. Mira didn’t acknowledge them, to her, they didn’t exist.

“Daniel darling, go and check if the driver is here already.” Monica said to her son.

“Sure mom...” Daniel responded and walked over to the door.

At that moment, Mira’s driver stepped inside the house.

“Oh, he’s here.” Daniel said.

Mira stood up and walked up to the driver.

“You’re late.” She said.

“I’m sorry, there was traffic.” He replied.

“Let’s go.” Mira said.

“To where? The driver is taking us out.” Monica said.

“What driver?” Mira asked.

“This driver.” Daniel sneered.

“Well, I’m sorry but you have to get yourselves a taxi because this driver is mine. My mother hired him and she pays him. The car is hers too.” Mira spat.

“Driver, you are taking my son and I out.” Monica said.

“I am sorry madam but that’s not what I was hired to do.” The driver said.

“So you’d rather listen to a child than to me?” Monica spat.

“My madam hired me to take her daughter to summer school, she didn’t give me any other directive.”

Monica looked furious, her son looked murderous.

“Can we go now?” Mira asked in silent triumph.

“You are going to lose your job for this!” Monica spat.

The driver didn’t respond but headed out of the house with Mira in tow.

“What nerve!” Monica spat as soon as they’d gone.

“We’re letting this girl get under our skin ooo...” Daniel said.

“She’s a spoilt little brat and it’s time she learnt her lesson.” Monica said.

“Her dad indulges her a lot and he dances to her tune.” Daniel said.

“That’s not true! Her dad has a new family now and we are part of that family. I am just so pissed that when I told him that we were going to pay a visit to my uncle, he said we could use the driver. How come this is the only driver available and it’s his ex-wife’s?” Monica said in anger.

“Calm down mom, you can’t win him over completely by nagging.” Daniel said.

“It’s just that I’m losing my patience already. It took him forever to let us into his family and now, look at this! His ill-mannered daughter talks to me as though we’re mates. She doesn’t even greet me.” Monica said angrily.

“Well, you have to make her respect you. Perhaps if we starve her a bit, then, she’ll learn to respect you.” Daniel said.

“Starve her? In her own house? That’s not going to work.”

“Listen mom, the cook is really not a necessary part of this house, you cook really well and you’re the one who cooked dad’s meal yesterday. Why don’t you pretend as though you want to save money for the family and tell daddy to fire the cook? Then, also tell him to reduce her pocket money which I’m sure must be a lot. She’ll have no choice but to starve and come begging for food, then you’ll get your respect.”

Monica looked at her son and smiled.


After the first three lessons, the bell for break-time was rung. Winnie, Mira and Rachel walked over to the canteen to get snacks.

“You don’t look too happy Rachel, are you okay?” Winnie who was in an incredibly good mood asked.

“I’m fine...just a bit under the weather.” Rachel answered.

“You look so happy, is there something you’d like to share with us?” Mira asked Winnie.
Winnie shrugged and smiled.

“Hey, something’s fishy!” Rachel said with a smile as they sat at a small table at the cafeteria.

“Nothing’s fishy!” Winnie said with a smile.

“You’re lying...” Rachel said.

“I’m famished, I skipped anyone getting any snacks?” Mira asked.

“I didn’t bring any money, besides I had breakfast before coming so I’ll pass.” Winnie said.

“I forgot my money too..” Rachel lied, in actual sense, she really didn’t have enough money for transport home.

“Oh, no problem, I could get something for you.” Mira said.

“You will? Thank you.” Rachel said happily.

Soon, Mira was back with the snacks for her and Rachel, Winnie was pressing her phone.

“That phone of yours hasn’t rested since we walked in here. Are you expecting a call?” Rachel asked
Winnie smiled then said.

“So, something happened to me today. I was going to the supermarket, I fell at the roadside and a very cute guy helped me up. I gave him my number.You should see this guy, he’s tall, hunky, very charming and he looks like a university dude.” Winnie said with a wide smile.

“Whaaaat? A cute guy? In the university?” Rachel asked sounding jealous.

“Yea...” Winnie smiled.

“But you’re not even pretty.” Rachel informed.

“Excuse me?” Winnie asked in confusion.

“Shut up Rachel, Winnie is pretty.” Mira countered.

“What’s she talking about?” Winnie asked Mira.

“Look, no mean to diss you but you’re not the conventional girl. Look at Mira and I for instance, we dress nice, our hairstyles are bad-ass and we have good carriage but you...naaa...” Rachel said.

Winnie was upset.

“How dare you speak about me like that?” Winnie spat.

“Yea, how dare you talk about her like that?” Mira asked.

“I mean no harm but Winnie, I don’t want your heart to be broken. The guy probably just took your number because of he wanted to be courteous. He’s probably not going to call you.” Rachel said.

As though on cue, Winnie’s phone rang, she had tears in her eyes when she picked the call


“Hey it’s Steve...just wanted to check up on you.”

Winnie glared at Rachel in hostility.

“Hey Steve, what’s up?” Winnie said.

“I’m okay, I was wondering if I could see you today...I hope I don’t sound too forward.” He said.

“I’m actually at a summer school lesson.” Winnie supplied. “But you could come there by one pm, my sister says she’ll be a bit late coming to pick me up today.”

“Sure...that’ll be great. Could you send me your school address?” He asked.

“I will...”

When she hung up the call, she glared at Rachel.

“You’re a pathetic hater!” Winnie spat.

“Calm down Winnie.” Mira said. “Rachel, I think you owe Winnie an apology.”

“What for? For telling her the truth?” Rachel asked.

“Well, your truth wasn’t true at all because Steve just called me because he wants to hang out.” Winnie said.

“Serious? That’s cool!” Mira said. “When are you guys going to meet?”

“After school hours. I’m going to send the school address to him.” Winnie said.

Rachel rolled her eyes and bit into her sandwich.

"That's too forward if you ask me. People shouldn't trust so much these days. The world is really terrible." Rachel said.

“You have to be careful though, you don’t really know him.” Mira said.

“Don’t worry, we won’t stray too far from the school.” Winnie said. "Besides, he was so kind to me, the least I can do is agree to see him."

“I’ll like to meet him, just to see if he fits your description.” Mira giggled.

Winnie forced herself to smile, Rachel had really pissed her off.


Summer camp closed at exactly one pm and the girls walked towards the gate of the school.

“You know what would really be cool?” Mira asked.


“If we could do some kind of sleepover at our homes. I do that with my friends all the time.” Mira suggested.

“That sounds like fun.” Winnie said with a smile.

“Errrm...I don’t think that’s a great idea.” Rachel said.

“Why? It’s always fun.” Mira said.

“My parents are very strict...they don’t like us having anyone over to the house.” Rachel lied.

“Well then, we can totally toss the idea into the trash.” Mira said, suddenly remembering her situation at home.

“You can totally come and spend the night in my sister’s place, Mira, she’s super cool.” Winnie said, liking the idea.

“That’ll be cool but it has to be Rachel and I.” Mira said.

Winnie didn’t respond at first, she was still very angry at Rachel.

"Winnie! It has to be the three of us, we are the three musketeers remember?" Mira said in a half-pleading voice.

“My sister’s house is a peaceful place and I don’t want any chaos.” Winnie said referring to Rachel.

“Shut up! What do you know about peace?” Rachel flung at Winnie.

“Girls...come on! Stop this please.” Mira said as the mediator.

“She’s annoying.” Winnie pointed out.

“She’s too naive and very stiff-necked!” Rachel spat.

“What? What did you just call me?” Winnie shouted as they stepped out through the gates.

“I said you’re...” Rachel started.

“Winnie...” A male voice called out.

The three girls looked to the direction of the voice and stopped short, they stared in shock at the guy who'd called Winnie's name.

To be continued on Monday....

I'm still open to suggestions for our Daily Series. I'll do a vote section and the idea with the highest vote wins.

Monday, 15 August 2016


Winnie sat cross-legged on the bed and rolled her eyes as she stared at her phone, her mother had sent her a message to wait for her call by nine pm and she was sleepy. She dragged in a rough breath and waited, the clock chimed nine pm and her mother's call hadn't come through yet. Her eyes were drooping already as she desperately wanted to sleep. She was yawning loudly when her phone rang, it was her mother.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

BLACK MAIL: The Power Of Life & Death!

Promise was getting agitated, she had searched the whole church for Alice to no avail, the security men kept reassuring her that Alice had not left the church and she knew they were telling the truth.

“Where is she?” The queen asked walking up to stand close to her.

They were both outside at the grounds of the church and some of the workers were hanging the very large crusade banner at the entrance of the church, something that should have been done days ago but was delayed because Gift wasn’t around. The banner at the entrance of the street was still there, looming large and beckoning.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

WIFE MATERIAL- Complications!

Mitch was troubled, he really needed to talk to Cherry, ‘what was going on?’ he thought to himself. He stood up and paced the room, pondering on what Basil had told him.

“I am engaged to her, she is my fiance.” He said aloud, he looked at the clock on his room wall. It was some minutes past eleven pm and he was quite certain she’ll be asleep. He took his phone and dialled Cherry’s number, the phone rang for a while and she didn’t answer. He called her number again, this time it was switched off. Mitch lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling, he couldn’t sleep.


Cherry was experiencing the most gruesome two hours of her life, she removed bullets from the body of the man she loved and she cringed in horror as the blood splattered on her hands and the floor. Cherry didn’t like the sight of blood and that was the reason she had decided to go the commercial route in secondary school. During Biology, she had thrown up after seeing the lifeless body of a rat being dissected. Now, she was standing before her fiance and literally operating on him.
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